Cuban born Guitarist Roberto Tyson has been performing musical magic on his rhythm guitar since his early youth. Roberto comes from a musical family. He was schooled in the ways of the grandmasters of jazz by his father, also a guitarist and assisted in his musical evolution by his mother, a singer and pianist. Early in his musical career, Roberto was a noted child prodigy and obtained a reputation for the quality of his musical sounds. Growing up around the guitar created a natural attraction to the instrument and he began strumming it while still a toddler. It was not the first instrument he attempted, but quickly became his unwavering musical extension.

Roberto A. Tyson

Roberto Tyson was born in Cuba, reared in Puerto Rico and New York City.  Roberto, a prodigy in his early youth, was schooled in the ways of the grand masters of jazz guitar and played along side his father, also a guitarist, with premier musicians of the time.  Young Roberto developed a reputation as one of the best players around.  Today, Roberto brings a Latin, Caribbean and traditional jazz influence to the richness of his music.


a group of musically diverse and incredibly talented musicians and songwriters. Key performers are Monica Ssali, C.C. Givens, Roberto Tyson, Cheikh Ndoye, Romero Wyatt, Al Williams, Benito Gonzales and Eli Staples. Link to N-GROOVE website

Nemesis Bleu

Roberto, drummer/multi-instrumentalist Cedric Givens and bassist Cheikh Ndoye are Nemesis Bleu.   Between the three of them they create a genuinely unique groove oriented funk/fusion sound, which they also bring to their live performances. Nemesis Bleu's first cd "Imagination", features world-class percussionist Gumbi Ortiz (of the Al DiMeola Band), sultry and captivating vocalist Marcy "Lady Ann" Hamilton, keyboardist Vernon Burrell and bassist Derek Burrell.  Visit the following link to CDBaby.com to sample and purchase the CD.

Hear their music and read about Roberto and Nemesis Bleu on this link to CD Baby