Early in his musical career, Roberto was a noted child prodigy and obtained a reputation for the quality of his musical sounds. Growing up around the guitar created a natural attraction to the instrument and he began strumming it while still a toddler. It was not the first instrument he attempted, but quickly became his unwavering musical extension.

Roberto came to the U.S. and continued to evolve his musical skills through his involvement with musical groups in the Tampa Bay area while growing up.

Partnering with a childhood friend, Cedric C. Givens, Roberto and Cedric created and released their first CD "Nemesis Bleu" in 1997. They have continued to collaborate over the years and released their latest CD "It's Who We Are" with bassist Cheik Ndoye in 2007.

Since the release of the most recent CD, Roberto has immersed himself in the music. He has joined with numerous musicians in the DC area to create many varieties of music.

He can be heard performing as a soloist, performing with flautist Arch Thompson as the TnT Jazz Duo, playing with the Cachaca Latin Jazz Trio, with the Sabroso Latin Jazz Ensemble which features Arch and percussionists. Roberto is active with Cedric and the N-GROOVE band.